From this page, you can download the different components of the updater.

If you are just going to be playing on a server that supports MCModUpdater, the client is all you need.

Download Client v1.3.0_1 Here.

If you plan to setup your own MCModUpdater Server, you will want to download the server.

Download Server v1.3.0_1 Here.

If you want to manage your server remotely, you will want to also download the AdminCP.

Download AdminCP v1.3.0_1 Here.

If you plan to run more than one server using MCModUpdater, it might be a good idea to download the Master Server.  The Master Server component will display a menu for connecting clients, so that they can choose which server they want to connect to.

Download Master Server v1.3.0 Here.



MCModUpdater - Downloads