Release Notes: 1.3.0 *UPDATED*

Posted by Seaboy1234 on July 25th, 2012.
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I am proud to announce version 1.3.0 for the Minecraft Mod Updater project is available.  This update includes 17,212 total lines changed.  12,573 of which were additions and 4,639 deletions over a span of 154 commits.  

Perhaps the biggest change introduced in 1.3.0 was the addition of an admin control panel, or AdminCP.  The AdminCP allows you to remotely manage mods hosted on the server.

Now on to a list of changes.

  1. Change: The splash screen’s progress bar now changes color based on the state of the program.
  2. Change: Many changes to the built-in exception handler.
  3. Add: A mod info dialog.  This can be accessed by double clicking on a mod in the main form.
  4. Add: Optional mods system.  Access by clicking on the “Optional Mods” button in the main form.
  5. Fix: Many assorted bugfixes.
  6. Change: You can now see the overall progress of the update.
  7. Change: You can now see the speed of the download.


  1. Change: Mod files are now loaded into memory when the server is starting up instead of only when the mod is requested.  This will result in a higher memory usage, a lower CPU usage, and a slightly faster download.
  2. Fix: The client should always correctly disconnect.
  3. Change: Merged the “ModAssets” and the “assets” folder into “assets/mod”.
  4. Fix: Many assorted bugfixes.

There are also many changes to the core API which I build these two projects off of.

EDIT 3:22 AM PST 2012-7-26

It is with little joy that I announce the first hotfix for the new 1.3 branch.  This update includes fixes to several showstopper bugs found in the AdminCP and server just hours ago.


  1. Fixed mod file identifier bugs.
  2. Fixed session authentication.
  3. Fixed optional mods system.


  1. Fixed server not sending complete AdminFileInfoPackets
  2. Fixed server not registering required mods when edited in AdminCP.

Now, I'm tiered and going to bed.

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